Sonia Flew

The Theatre & Dance Department is pleased to present Sonia Flew by Melinda Lopez as part of the THD901 Independent Project program.

Co-directed by Denise Taveras ’21 and Jose Caceres Manzano ’22,  Sonia Flew follows the experiences of Sonia, a Cuban immigrant whose parents sent her away from political unrest in Cuba, and the parallels between her experiences before she left the country and her experiences in America with her new family. Follow her story as she struggles with coming to terms with her son’s enlistment to the American military after 9/11 and her strained relationship with her family from Cuba.

Join us via zoom on Saturday, April 10th at 7pm and Sunday, April 11th at 11am. If weather allows, we will also stream the show in the Pineknoll Tent on Saturday night!

8 Perspectives

The Phillips Academy Theatre & Dance Department is proud to present our Winter 2021 THD920 production, 8 Perspectives.

This short film is a culmination of student research and work throughout the Winter Term and explores the intersection between activism and performance.  Our ensemble was inspired by current events, such as Covid-19; #metoo; #blacklivesmatter and their personal lives to create a series of individual performative research segments. 

The premiere viewing will be on Saturday, March 27th at 8pm.


Audrey Sun ‘23 – Asian Women in America
Melanie Garcia ‘22 – Navigating White Spaces
Niara Urquhart ‘21 – Mental Health and Blackness
Will Suan ‘22 – Whitening of Asian Americans
Emmbrooke Flather ’22 – “Riots Are the Name of the Unheard?”
Raina Yang ‘24 – Feminist Theatre
Semira Robinson ‘23 – Catalytic Sibling Relationships: Their place in theater and our world
Nishani Clarke ‘23 – Cries of Injustice: Immigrant Perspectives

“I and You” by Lauren Gunderson

Live Streaming Event – THD901 presents “I and You”

The Phillips Academy Theatre & Dance Department is proud to present the Winter Term’s THD901 Independent Project, I and You by Lauren Gunderson. This production is directed by Abigail Scharf ‘21, mentored by Kevin Heelan, and stars Ariana Velasquez ‘22 and Quintin Moss ‘21.

Anthony, a high school basketball star and straight-A student, goes over to the house of Caroline, a terminally-ill senior, unannounced, to work on an English project about Walt Whitman. This is their love story – the story of how I and you become we. 

This play will be performed LIVE on Friday, February 26th at 8:00pm EST and Saturday, February 27th at 2:00pm EST. Tickets are not needed to view the event, however, since this is a LIVE event, we recommend logging on to the site at least 15 minutes in advance of the showtime.

You will need to create a FREE login to view the show – just click the three lines in the upper left corner of the site and then click on the icon above “Log In” to create that account.

Dance Open 2021

We are pleased to present the annual Dance Open on Saturday, February 20th at 11:00am EST, directed by Lesley Tan ‘22 and Lexi Tucci ‘22 under the mentorship of Erin Strong. This year’s performance will feature student-choreographed pieces that range widely in style. You’ll see contemporary, jazz, hip-hop, tap, Chinese and Indian dances, modern, step dance, K-pop, and Afro-Caribbean dance. The groups performing are SLAM, Fusion, JVNE, Blue Strut, Footnotes, Footsteps, and Hypnotiq. Independent choreographers include Alexandra Koch-Liu ‘22, Max Guan ’22, Dori Rosenstrauch ‘23, Amara Neal ‘22, Lexi Tucci, and Lesley Tan.

Dancers and choreographers have been working on these dances since December – learning, recording, and editing together a beautiful video to be shown via Zoom. We are excited to share the choreography in the coming performance!

Songs From Rent

The Theatre & Dance Department, in collaboration with the Music Department, is pleased to present a look inside our study of Rent, the musical, on Friday, Jan 22 at 5pm. Two decades after its premiere on Broadway (and winning both a Pulitzer Prize and four Tony awards) the show’s messages of Love, Inclusion, Creativity, and Community continue to resonate today. During Fall Term, 14 students, under the guidance of Dr. Abbey Siegfried and Erin E Strong, explored the themes and messages from the show as they learned a selection of 11 songs. We will Zoom this Friday and the Company of students will share recordings of these songs as well as a look inside their journey with Rent. Come see how we lived, and continue to measure our lives, in love.