Dance Open 2021

We are pleased to present the annual Dance Open on Saturday, February 20th at 11:00am EST, directed by Lesley Tan ‘22 and Lexi Tucci ‘22 under the mentorship of Erin Strong. This year’s performance will feature student-choreographed pieces that range widely in style. You’ll see contemporary, jazz, hip-hop, tap, Chinese and Indian dances, modern, step dance, K-pop, and Afro-Caribbean dance. The groups performing are SLAM, Fusion, JVNE, Blue Strut, Footnotes, Footsteps, and Hypnotiq. Independent choreographers include Alexandra Koch-Liu ‘22, Max Guan ’22, Dori Rosenstrauch ‘23, Amara Neal ‘22, Lexi Tucci, and Lesley Tan.

Dancers and choreographers have been working on these dances since December – learning, recording, and editing together a beautiful video to be shown via Zoom. We are excited to share the choreography in the coming performance!

Author: MsAndersen

Administrative Assistant

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