8 Perspectives

The Phillips Academy Theatre & Dance Department is proud to present our Winter 2021 THD920 production, 8 Perspectives.

This short film is a culmination of student research and work throughout the Winter Term and explores the intersection between activism and performance.  Our ensemble was inspired by current events, such as Covid-19; #metoo; #blacklivesmatter and their personal lives to create a series of individual performative research segments. 

The premiere viewing will be on Saturday, March 27th at 8pm.


Audrey Sun ‘23 – Asian Women in America
Melanie Garcia ‘22 – Navigating White Spaces
Niara Urquhart ‘21 – Mental Health and Blackness
Will Suan ‘22 – Whitening of Asian Americans
Emmbrooke Flather ’22 – “Riots Are the Name of the Unheard?”
Raina Yang ‘24 – Feminist Theatre
Semira Robinson ‘23 – Catalytic Sibling Relationships: Their place in theater and our world
Nishani Clarke ‘23 – Cries of Injustice: Immigrant Perspectives

Author: MsAndersen

Administrative Assistant

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