Sonia Flew

The Theatre & Dance Department is pleased to present Sonia Flew by Melinda Lopez as part of the THD901 Independent Project program.

Co-directed by Denise Taveras ’21 and Jose Caceres Manzano ’22,  Sonia Flew follows the experiences of Sonia, a Cuban immigrant whose parents sent her away from political unrest in Cuba, and the parallels between her experiences before she left the country and her experiences in America with her new family. Follow her story as she struggles with coming to terms with her son’s enlistment to the American military after 9/11 and her strained relationship with her family from Cuba.

Join us via zoom on Saturday, April 10th at 7pm and Sunday, April 11th at 11am. If weather allows, we will also stream the show in the Pineknoll Tent on Saturday night!